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About  IIOE

About Us
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About Us

Institute of International Online Education allows students to choose their own education path while meeting the expectation of a larger future. We believe that all students can achieve their full potential goals and student success starts with our professional teachers.

That’s why we focus on providing the tools and resources teachers need to leverage technology in ways that improve student outcomes and deepen the relationship between student and teacher.

With that in mind, we dedicated our efforts to creating powerful, flexible products and solutions that give educators more ways to manage and customize their programs, while giving students the personalization and engagement they need to succeed.

We believe that all students can achieve their full potential goals and student success starts with our professional teachers.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Institute of International Online Education is committed to providing K-12 students with individualized attention in a safe, accepting, and accommodating online learning environment. 


We provide students with the flexibility to learn at their own pace that meets their individual needs and agendas. 


The contemporary program and individualized plans help students discover their full potential in whatever pathway they choose in the future.

  • Ownership of the learning process

  • Providing an environment and schedule customized to each student’s needs.

  • Ensuring their college and career readiness.

  • Intellectual growth.

  • Social responsibility for today’s global world.

  • Developing responsible, independent, life-long learners.

Teachers Committed to Building Relationships

Teachers experienced in online instruction connect learning to real-life experiences.

IIOE's active learning approach enables students to apply

what they have learned, skills practice, and check for understanding.

Our teachers are committed to building relationships with students. 

Teacher Support

Online learning is most effective when delivered by teachers experienced in their subject matter.  At IIOE our teachers are certified in the subject or grade levels they teach and are dedicated to your student’s success.

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