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IIOE Partnership

IIOE is partnered with public schools, charter schools, private schools, home schools and church-based schools around the world to provide high quality online K-12 education that can be used anywhere internet access is available.


A top notch education
from an AdvancEd accredited,
NCAA approved,
transcript & degree-granting,
international online private school.


Students benefit from over 2,000 course offerings including Advanced Placement and Honors level courses.


Students and parents will have access to IIOE’s on-staff, top quality, certified, professional teachers, coaches and success coaches.

Let's Meet Your Educational Goals Together!

Join the over 8,000 districts, nearly 1 million educators, and 14 million students

that have chosen to partner with IIOE.

Get proven adaptive curriculum, research-based assessments, and educational services

to meet the needs of your students.

To learn more about how your organization can partner with 

Institute of International Online Education,

please call us at (203)-596-6584 or email


Institute of

International Online Education


Phone: +1 202-596-6584

Kakao Talk ID: K12online

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