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Enrollment Terms

Enrollment Benefits

Institute of International Online Education (IIOE) is a year-round private online school for students in grades K-12. Available to students in United States and internationally, wherever Internet access is available.

We are fully accredited by AdvancEd and awards a California State High School Diploma through its distance learning programs. IIOE meets and/or exceeds national content standards and offers transcripts and transfer assistance.

We offer year-round enrollment to meet the individual needs of our students and families.

All of our courses are online and available to parents and students 24/7.

Our Teachers

IIOE faculty members are highly qualified instructors who meet the California State requirements for private school faculty. Our teachers interact frequently with families to monitor student progress.

Our Distance Learning Programs

IIOE's courseware systems provide the opportunity for the individualization of each student’s educational needs. IIOE offers over 1500 courses of the most innovative, engaging, and effective online curriculum available.

IIOE is an ideal learning environment for:

  • Adolescent Literacy

  • Advanced Placement

  • Credit Recovery

  • English Language Learners

  • Exceptional Learners

  • Middle to High School Transition

  • Remediation

  • Summer School

  • School-at-Home

Tuition and Payment Plans

At IIOE, we offer seven (7) full curriculum choices with programs for grades K-12 plus an extensive choice of high school elective courses.

Tuition includes full time or part time enrollment in IIOE’s online K-12 academy, online courses, a qualified teacher assigned to every course, and the complete support of IIOE’s dedicated staff. Enrollment at IIOE begins on the day we receive your payment in full or a down payment to take advantage of one of our payment programs.

(NOTE:  Each student must pay a non-refundable registration fee.)

Admissions Policy

IIOE provides a 100% online, accredited, private, K-12 learning academy and requires tuition payment. Our tuition includes everything the student needs including curriculum, foreign language options, teacher support, and record keeping assistance.

Enrollment / Eligibility Policy

IIOE enrollment is open to all students in Grades K-12, who are willing to work semi- independently, with the desire to learn, set goals, and accept responsibility for their own study schedules.

IIOE will admit all eligible students who choose to attend, space permitting. No student will be denied admission based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion, national origin, or disability.

IIOE is open to ALL and serves students anywhere in the world who have adequate and consistent access to the internet.

Students enrolled at IIOE participate in a private school independent study program authorized by California business and education codes. IIOE will maintain your student’s official school records, including attendance, semester reports, and transcripts.

IIOE will request your child’s records from the previous school setting (public, private or other homeschool program). In addition, IIOE will verify your child’s enrollment, should you be contacted by school officials

Enrollment Options

Full Time Student – In Our Regular Academic Program
When you enroll in IIOE you become part of a legal private school. IIOE maintains all student records, along with providing written semester evaluations, transcripts, and a diploma upon graduation.

Dual Enrollment
Take IIOE courses for credit while enrolled at another school. Check with your school first to make sure they will accept the credits.

International Enrollment
Requires transcript translation and demonstration of English proficiency.

Refund Policy

IIOE strongly suggests trying our fully working demo before enrolling.

Enrollment Fee is non-refundable.


Within 10 days:

If total tuition has been paid, the credit will be applied to your student account.

If your account is in credit, the amount will be deducted from your next tuition.

If using a payment plan, no refund is available.


After 10 days: No refund is available

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